Sonder (v) Origin: English: The realization that every person you meet is on a journey as vivid and complex as your own. 

Scent Profile: Tropical + Citrus 

Top: Green Apple, Fresh Cassis, Grapefruit, Lime, Lemon + Orange Essential Oil
Middle: Acai Berries, Coconut Water
Base: Coconut Milk, Sugar Crystals, Musk

Crystal: Aquamarine to encourage protection, safety and proper communication, a calming essence, Throat Chakra. 

Sonder | Acai Berry + Coconut | 9oz

  • Made with a luxurious blend of coconut and eco soy wax infused with exotic fine fragrance, essential oils and aquamarine crystal; the stone of inner peace, courage and protection.This candle is vegan and free of animal bi products, toxins, phthalates, paraffin and or additives.